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BeTidy - Deine Aufräum-App für ein ordentliches & aufgeräumtes Zuhause

Planning and keeping track of household tasks:

How BeTidy supports people with ADHD

Keep your household under control! With the BeTidy ADHD planner for housework, you can plan one-off or regular household tasks easily and clearly.

Our app helps you to be efficient and not to lose focus. This leaves you with more time for the beautiful things in life!

Spare Zeit mit der BeTidy App

Plan & prioritize

Save time by properly planning and prioritizing your household tasks.

Fühle dich wohl mit der BeTidy App

Stay motivated

A ranking list and checking off tasks makes you feel good and helps you stay motivated.

Reduziere Mental-Load mit der BeTidy App

Reduce mental load

Integrate BeTidy into your everyday life and reduce mental load and associated stress.

Verteile Aufgaben fair mit der BeTidy App

Allocate tasks fairly

Divide the household chores fairly among all family members. Points can be awarded for completed tasks.

Expertise from experienced ADHD coaches

“As part of my ADHD coaching, I like to recommend BeTidy to find suitable routines that allow you to get the household under control in a long-term and relaxed manner.”

Organization Coach Elena Albrecht

Balancing family, work and home is sometimes a real challenge. As someone with ADHD and a working mother of two children, I know this all too well. A good basic order and suitable routines help me a lot to find a balance between work, family and free time.

When counseling people with ADHD, I also notice again and again how important task planning and routines are in order to maintain order at home.

When can additional support from an organization coach be useful?

There are many reasons why people with ADHD choose organizational coaching:

  • a quick implementation of your organization project
  • emotional support when sorting things out
  • help to find the beginning

As a certified organization expert specializing in ADHD, I advise people individually on their organization challenges. The goal is to find the optimal solution for everyone so that household management is easier and more relaxed.

I offer organization coaching locally in the greater Munich area and also online. I also give lectures on the subject of organization and ADHD for those affected and their families.

If you are interested, I offer a free preliminary consultation.

Phone: +49 151 56037559

Elene Albrecht - Zertifizierter Ordnungscoach

Elena Albrecht, all right Ordnungsberatung

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